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Hi everyone!

There’s just something about a fresh bagel that makes people feel at home. Maybe it’s that warm, mouth-watering smell. Whatever it is, we have it here. Got an important meeting coming up? Need quality time with the family? Looking for an easy and wholesome lunch option that will relax and fuel you for the second half of your day? You need Jacob’s Bagels.

Made with Love

Every bagel is handcrafted from scratch by your personal baker, Each batch is baked to order, so they’re always fresh. Open your 99% recyclable artisan bagel box and fill the room with the comforting smell of freshly baked bagels made with organic flour. Jacob’s bagels are a delicious and heart-healthy way to start every day.

Open-Door Policy

Jacob’s is no back-room kitchen. Customers are always welcome to come inside and see where and how we create the fresh taste sensations we love so much. If you pick up your made-from-scratch bagels from Jacob’s kitchen, you’ll be encouraged to come inside and see where the magic happens. That’s what you get from a baker you can trust.

Bagels for Everyone

From September 2021 we stopped all home deliveries. Now you will find us ar Farmers Markets across the West/East and Mid-Sussex.

Here are our April 2022 Market list.
I hope to be adding more to this list within the next couple of weeks.
April  23rd Shoreham Farmers Market
April  24th Findon Farmers Market
April  30th Vegan Fest Horsham
May 2022
May 1st Henfield Market
May 1st South Farm Road Worthing
May 4th Forest Row 
May 6th Chichest Market
May 7th Midhurst Market
May 14th Shoreham Market
May 20th Chichest Market
May 21st Arundel Market
May 28th Vegan Fest Horsham
May 28th Shoreham Market
May 29th Findon Market
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