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Jacob's Bagels is an up and coming brand, just read our reviews and see what people are saying about our bagels https://www.facebook.com/pg/jacobsbagels/reviews

It is in our interest to support every seller that we take onboard. By support I mean give you the tools and incentives to increas your footfall thus increasing the opportunities for you to sell more bagels.

I have found and I am sure that you have too that if you don't tell people what you have for sale they won't ask. So if you don't tell your customers that you stock Jacob's Bagels then your customers won't know that you have them. This is like having a chicken that lays golden eggs and yet you can't sell any because nobody knows.

To help your customers know that you stock Jacob's Bagels we will provide you with marketing material such as pull-up banners and counter top banners that say "Order and collect your bagels here" This is a clear message to your customers that they can order an collect bagels from you. Not only does this increase awareness but there is a good chance they will buy something else to go into their bagels as well. My experience has been that as soon as people know where they can get their bagels they'll tell others and in under a year you too can be selling over 10,000 bagels with a little help from social media.

I completely understand that you may have other products but the chances are that the people who make these other products aren't really supporting you like we will. As well as marketing mayerial we will also tell our followers on social media where to buy their bagels. We'll place a link to your website here https://www.jacobsbagels.com/link-with-us/index 

To be clear from the outset. We are a growing brand and over time we will organically grow. That in mind, we are not looking for just anyone to stock our bagels. We want people who want to be part of our family. People who love bagels or at least have a passion for good food. In return we will do our utmost to ensure that we give you the tools to make more sales and get more customers.

If you would like to know more about how we can help get more business but stocking our bagels please get in touch.  https://www.jacobsbagels.com/contact-me

These are our special offers for January 2021!

Order any box of 10 bagels and get a box of 10 x  5 Seed bagels for half price. Just go through the buying process for both boxes of bagels and at the checkout use coupon code 5seed and that will remove 50% from the 5 seed bagels.



 Seeded bagels




 As always I am here to help so if anything isn't working please get in touch.







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Jacob's Bagel is a trading name of Florentino Limited

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Vat Reg: 896256570

If you are thinking of a business function then why not let us supply you with bagels? Bagels are a novel way of bringing people together so they're ideal for team building or impressing your clients and your team.

Our bagels are baked fresh everyday, so you know that your bagels won't be more than a couple of hours old, you really can't get fresher. All are handmade with organic flour and the finest of ingredients, just ask our customers.

We prepare the bagels for you, wrap them in grease proof paper and then place the bagels in a box ready to be delivered to your door. We aim to deliver with 2 hours of the bagels being made. Suject to delivery location and traffic. Ts and Cs apply.

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Salt Beef Bagel With Cheddar cheese, Red Leicester and onion Vegetarian Bagel with Mozzarella, avocado, basil and tomato Coronation Chicken Bagel





If you are a bagel lover then I do suggest that you join our rewards program because the more bagels to get through the more tokens you can collect and for every filled card of tokens  iiil delver one free box of bagels of your choice.

Ts and Cs.

You must request be to be in the program so fill in your details here. You must have registered on the site HERE. You will get 1 token for every box of 10 bagels that you purchase.