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Deliveries.........are not free :-)

Someone has got to pay for the driver, the fuel and ware and tare of the vehicle and of course the vehicle it self!

If you have a large order or there are several people pooling together I may be able to waiver the delivery charge so please let me know.

I have tried to keep the cost of delivery down by delivering the bagels myself. I have looked at the cost of same day couriers and a courier or a taxi to Brighton, Worthing or Horsham to drop off a box of bagels is £40 but don't take my word for it call a cab company and ask them.

You are always welcome to collect from me for free :-)

If you are happy to pay a small delivery charge then there is are between £3-£5 delivery contribution charge on all locations outside of 5 miles from me.  RH20 1DJ. 

Sometimes we get it wrong so if you have a query about a delivery charge please get in touch.


Incredible bagels. One left in the freezer, expecting a fight in the kitchen as to who gets it. Hopefully I’ll win...

Posted by Liz Hill on Saturday, 23 January 2021

Delicious, generous fillings in beautifully baked bagels. Very moreish. Thank you

Posted by Sheila Hall on Thursday, 14 January 2021

Thanks for your delivery to us on Shoreham Beach. We lived in Philadelphia for 3 years and had a great bagel shop close...

Posted by Barry Ward on Friday, 8 January 2021