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Deliveries.........are not free :-)

Someone has got to pay for the driver, the fuel and ware and tare of the vehicle and of course the vehicle it self!

If you have a large order or there are several people pooling together I may be able to waiver the delivery charge so please let me know.

I have tried to keep the cost of delivery down by delivering the bagels myself. I have looked at the cost of same day couriers and a courier or a taxi to Brighton, Worthing or Horsham to drop off a box of bagels is £40 but don't take my word for it call a cab company and ask them.

You are always welcome to collect from me for free :-)

If you are happy to pay a small delivery charge then there is are between £3-£5 delivery contribution charge on all locations outside of 5 miles from me.  RH20 1DJ. 

We have promotions where if you spend £25 or more you can use coupon code £25spend at the checkout and the delivery will be removed. 

Sometimes we get it wrong so if you have a query about a delivery contribution please get in touch.

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