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Jacobs Bagels Picnic for 6 people

Jacobs Bagels Picnic for 6 people

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Salt Beef Bagels:

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Our Pastrami comes from Southover. A Multi-award winning family run business. Who have been making hand cooked meats and local food since 1989.

In this picnic for 6 people you get a choice of six filled bagels. Choose from salt beef with cream cheese pickled gherking and mild mustard. Pastrami, with cream cheese, gherkins and mild mustard. Smoke Salmon, cream cheese, capers and red onion. Six home made  scones, six home made cupcakes, 3 jams, 2 tubs of clotted cream. We also add some fruit for six people and a few macarons.

If you get your numbers wrong don't worry. We will call you. 

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You do not get the basket :-)