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Fresh local bagels

Fresh local bagels

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These are Boom Bagels.

If you like it Spicy then these are for you, You get a spicy hit directly after you have your first chew, The heat doesn't last too long but it is a hit!

If you likeour Boom Bagels then visit and buy yourself a bottle. Tell them that Jacob sent you. ;-)

Hand crafted with organic Canadian and British flour this bagel is chewy and if you get it as it comes out of the oven then it'll be crispy too! 

These bagel weight 144 grams and you'd be hard pushed top force a second one right after the first!


In this bagel we have:

Organic Flour, Water, Salt, Sugar, Yeast, Syrup, Olive Oil.



Nutricional Values:

Calories per bagel: 219

Fat: 1.25g

Carbs: 48.1

Sugars: 5.07

Protein: 6.49