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Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers.

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1 Do you Deliver?

At the moment we only deliver to:

Horsham, Southwater, Worthing, Findon, Goring and Lancing on a Thursday.

We deliver to Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill on a the 2nd and 4th Friday only.

2 Do you offer Gluten Free?

No I do not.

Bagels need gluten to make them chewy and it's the gluten that gives them the chew. If a bagel is not chewy then it really isn't a bagel :-)

3 I can't checkout, it says "I will collect" but I want a delivery

There are a couple of reasons why this is happening.

Firstly check that you are using capital letters and that there is a space in the middle of your postcode. This is how I write mine RH20 1DJ. If I were to write like this rh201dj The system would not recognise the postcode and not give me a delivery option.

Also sometimes we may not have your postcode in our system.

If you have typed in your address and postcode and you are unable to see a delivery option then it could be that we don't have your postcode on our system. Please either drop me an email jacobs@jacobsbagels.com or send me a facebook message.

4 Do you do Vegan Bagels?

All of my bagels are vegan except those with cheese or chocolate.

Checkout our shop https://www.jacobsbagels.com/bagel-shop

5 Do you do Vegetarian bagels?

Yes we do vegetarian bagels. 

6 I want a bagel that isn't on the menu. Can you bake one for me?

Unfortunately, I cannot bake anything that isn't on the list menu. The reason is that we'd have to get in the ingredients which we wouldn't have tested yet.  From time to time I do have a guest bagel but this is something that i would have baked many times before offering it for sale.

7 I found something in my bagel that I didn't order!

I work in a very small environment and sometimes a poppy seed/sesame/ onion or even some chocolate might find it self in the wrong bagel. Most people take it as a bonus and accept that in an artisan kitchen this can happen. I do try very hard but if it happens please accept my apologies in advance.

8 I have a question, can I speak to someone?

Absolutely. I am here to help.

Ideally I'd prefer you to use messenger but if for any reason you'd prefer to use the telephone. then just call me on 07920 488 450. If I'm awake I will answer or leave me a message.

9 I have signed up but the login doesn't work?

OK, so the sign up process is a two step.

Once you have filled in your details and signed up an email is sent to your email address for you to activate your account. If you don't click on the activation link you won't be able to login.

Sometimes (quite often) this email is in your junk or spam folder.

If you have found the email and clicked on the activation link and are still having login issues then please get in touch and I will check what is not working.

10 Can you Freeze your bagels?


Freeze on day of purchase and take out of the freezer as and when you need them. Do not take out too many because bagels go hard after a few of days.

Do not freeze the filled bagels....that's just silly :-)

11 How do I redeem my full club card?

This is how to redeem your card.

Go to the shop and go through the buying process of your favourite 10 bagels. Fill in all the details as normal. Then, when you get to the checkout use one of these coupon codes depending on which bagels you have selected.

10 X Plain Bagels - plreward
10 X Cheese and Onion bagels - coreward
10 X Poppy Seed Bagels - psreward
10 X 5 Seed bagels - 5seedreward
10 X Everything bagels - evreward
10 X Blueberry and Cinnamon - bcreward
10 X Jalapeno and Cheese- jcreward
10 X London Dates - ldreward
10 X Sesame Seed bagels -ssreward
10 X Valentine Bagels - vtreward

If you want a selection box then please message me you selection and I will send you a coupon code just fro you!

If I have missed you favourite bagels please just message me and I will create a couple for your favourite bagels!

As always if you have any difficulty using the coupon codes please get in touch!

12 What is the shelf life of the bagels?

Our bagels are fresh the day that you get get them.
If you leave them out on your table they will go hard within 24 to 48 hours.

If you would like to prolong the life of the bagels just put them into an airtight container or a zip bag. Your bagels will last 3-5 days if if left in an airtight container.

Avoid putting the bagels in the fridge because this will also dry out your bagels.

13 Competition Rules

From time to time we may run a competition either on the website or on social media.

In order for you to participate to must have a delivery address within our delivery area.
If you enter a completion and you live outside of our delivery area you will be disqualified because we won't be able to deliver to you.

There is no cash alternative for the prizes.

Winners are chosen at random using a Facebook randomiser tools.

In any dispute our decision is final..and usually fair. :-)

14 What coupons do you have?

From time to time we offer coupon codes for you to use. This normally discounts your bagels by 20%.

Please note that you may only use one coupon per transaction.

If you are collecting bagels from us you can use coupon code "collection" in the coupon field at the checkout.

If you want to pre-ordered your bagels and want to collect them from one of the markets please use "Findon" for the Findon Market, "Midhurst" for the Midhurst market and "Chichester" for the Chichester Market.


Please note that Ts and Cs apply. These coupons maybe removed or discontinued at anytime without notice.