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Food Allergy Disclaimer

The small print.

There is always risk of contamination as in our kitchen we use products such as milk, eggs, gluten, nuts, sesame seeds and other products. Although we have strict cross contamination policies; we can not guarantee a total absence of meat, nuts, gluten or vegetable in any of our bagels. Customers with food allergies must be aware of this risk. Neither the owner of Jacobs Bagels nor associated companies nor employees will be liable for adverse reactions from the food consumed, or items one may come in contact with whilst eating or coming into contact with any of our bagels or other foods.

By visiting, collecting, eating or handling our products you agree to have read and understood the above.

**If in doubt please contact us before placing an order.



Incredible bagels. One left in the freezer, expecting a fight in the kitchen as to who gets it. Hopefully I’ll win...

Posted by Liz Hill on Saturday, 23 January 2021

Delicious, generous fillings in beautifully baked bagels. Very moreish. Thank you

Posted by Sheila Hall on Thursday, 14 January 2021

Thanks for your delivery to us on Shoreham Beach. We lived in Philadelphia for 3 years and had a great bagel shop close...

Posted by Barry Ward on Friday, 8 January 2021