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The Jacob's Bagels Story

This is our why. Why we do what we do. How we come about. Follow our journey and be part of our story.

Not all bagels are made equal.

I remember recently adding a post to a Worthing group about my bagels but the post was more about small business because with the Corona Virus and so many small businesses closing the public can help by buying from local small businesses. Anyway, I had a few people who completely missed the point and instead of seeing that my post was about he...
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why I do what I do

So I had reached 54 years old and I figured that I'd never had a fresh bagel. How about that? I'd worked for an airline for many years and been passed many bagel bars and delis but never had a fresh bagel. I live in Pulborough West Sussex and although we have a few really good bread bakeries, none of them baked bagels. So now I was on a mission to ...
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Jacob's Rewards Programme

Jacob's Rewards are for people who love Jacob's Bagels and may want to order regularly, that said if you signup you also (sometimes) get a discount. But what is it all about and how does it work?  OK, that seems like a fair question. It is really very simple. You get a card from the delivery driver or drop us an email and we'll drop one o...
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Free Deliveries?

Deliveries. I am so pleased that the majority of customers who buy from me expect to contribute towards the delivery. I know who would have thought that a delivery cost anyone any money but it does. In order to deliver you need a delivery vehicle, in my case a van. The coat of the van is around £20,000. Then you also need someone to drive the van. ...
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A Food Experience

What does it mean to have one of my bagels? Well, imagine waking up in the morning and going into your kitchen and asking "Chef, can I have some fresh bagels?" Chef answers "sure, what flavour would you like?" You shout out "oh maybe 5 Cheese and Onion and 5 Sun Dried Tomato and Olives" Chef then goes "no problem, where will you be?" You say "I'll ...
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Bagels for Diabetics

OK so it isn't bad enough that we have diabetes but not to have bagels as well? Well guess what, if you're a diabetic and purchase some of my bagels make sure that you let me know and instead of using regular sugar I will use Xylitol Natural Sweetener instead of sugar. Xylitol is an excellent substitute with many advantages over table sugar and oth...
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