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The Jacob's Bagels Story

This is our why. Why we do what we do. How we come about. Follow our journey and be part of our story.

Time for a change. New delivery schedule.

Please read this very carefully as there is a lot to take in.

Times are changing and we need to change with it.

In order for us to continue to serve you, we need to find ways to distribute our bagels and one way that we are exploring is through farmers markets. We encourage you to pre-order and collect your bagels from the markets where you can.

We are trialing farmers markets throughout September, October and November.

We will be at the following markets:

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We are hiring again!

We want to explore new avenues.

Something that we are exploring are markets. Selling bagels at a market for me is like being on stage and I absolutely love it. However, there is more than one market and for that reason we need someone to help us with packing of our food and then helping us at the market. The market days vary so we need someone who is Flexible.

As we continue on our journey of business discovery we are looking for a Part Time person to join our amazing team at the weekends, mid-week markets.

The ideal person will:

Have a flare for customer service.Love meeting peopleHas a passion for good artisan food (a foodie)Likes early mornings.A team playerIs non mobile phone dependant.Has a driving license or is able to get to us. 

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Signup Bonus 2021

Throughout the year we will be running promotions. One of our promotions is the signup bonus. You could save 20% on your boxed bagels by using this coupon code "signup0521" without the "". Just go through the buying process and when you get to the checkout in the coupon section use "signup0521" without the "" and you will get 20%off of your boxed bagels.

Signup here: https://tinyurl.com/2psjjtyz

If you are going to have a bagel make it a Jacob's Bagel.

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Findon Valley Farmers Market 25th April 2021

On the 25th of April (Sunday coming) we will be at the Findon Valley Farmers Market. The Great Little Farmers' Market CIC It will be our first ever market event. The weather forecast for that day is amazing.It would be really nice to see some of you there so here is an incentive for you to come along.We are offering 20% off all our boxed bagels when you **PREORDER**. Just go through the buying process and at the checkout use coupon "Findon" to get your discount. Please select "I will collect and select Finding Valley on the 25. Ts and Cs apply. You can only use this discount if you are collecting from Findon Valley Market on the 25th of April.You must collect your bagels from Findon Valley Farmers Market on the 25th between 10 and 14:00 otherwise I will eat them If you have never tried a fresh bagel or are just feeling hungry just come to our stall and get a bagel with or without cream cheese..and bring a friend 
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Well, we are hiring!

We are looking for someone to help us on a Wednesday and Saturday early morning.

Full training will be given.

The start time is 5 am and we expect you to be finished between 9am and 10am sometimes a little later.

The role is to help with the preparation and packing of food.

The ideal person will love early mornings.Have a flair for customer service.A passion for good artisan food.

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Bagels By Post and they are off!

So here they are, ready to be collected by Parcel Force.

It feels like letting go of something. I'm almost sad to see them go! 



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Bagels By Post!

I have shied away from posting my bagels and a reason is that the delivery of my bagels is as important as the bagels. I like to find out how people are and what they have been up to and I like to tell people how to look after their bagels.

The other issue is that I prefer to eat fresh bagels just out of the oven or within 8 to 12 hours of them being baked. I do also eat older bagels but I really like them the day that they are baked which won't happen if I am posting them. That said there are many people who prefer to have their bagels the day after they have been baked. They like their bagels a little firmer having had the time to dry out a little. So for those people who prefer a bagel the following day and for those people who want bagels by post, this is to let you know that I am sending my first batch tomorrow by courier. https://bagelsbypost.com :-)

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What's new in 2021!

This COVID has us in lockdown but hopefully with this new vaccine we can all get back to some normality sometime soon.

One of the challenges that a small business has is to come up with ways to market their products. With bagels it isn't that hard, I just need to make the time but another way to make things more interesting is to add to your products. This year I have added bagel bread to the website. These are really good value for money because each loaf it the equivalent of 6 bagels

When I consider a new product I have to look at the baking time and the ingredients. If the ingredients and the baking time takes us away from what we are already baking then that will impact on our production of what we are already baking, so whatever I decide to add to our menu needs to work around what we are already making and baking.

Our bagels breads or loaves come in a variety of flavours but nothing that will move us away from what we are already baking. So we have a cheese and jalapeño loaf, cheese and onion, an everything loaf, a 5 seed and date loaf and I am about to add a sesame seed loaf!

Now some of you may be thinking "well it's bread init?" but it isn't just bread. The ingredients that I use is exactly the same as that of baking bagels and the loaves get boiled before baking them. A loaf of bread uses different ingredients and certainly does not get boiled.

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Barry Ward recommends Jacob's Bagels.

Thanks for your delivery to us on Shoreham Beach. We lived in Philadelphia for 3 years and had a great bagel shop close...

Posted by Barry Ward on Friday, 8 January 2021
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Half Price Bagels in January 2021

Throughout January 2021 we are halving the price of our 5 Seed bagels when you purchase 10 bagels! So just buy any 10 bagels and get the 5 seed bagels half price! No catches.

This is a special blend of 5 seed mix. For those who love seeds and cereals to be a major part of their diet, this is an ideal mix containing malted wheat flakes, barley flakes, sunflower seeds, millet and oats.

Please use coupon code 5seed at the checkout throughout January 2021.

Visit our shop here 

Happy New Year!

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Double Points and Half Price Bagels!

Well for January 2021 I wanted to do something special for the people who have kept Jacobs' Bagels going throughout this pandemic of 2020!

So heres the deal. Firstly if you have a loyalty card you'll get double points or stickers with your bagel purchases throughout January. That is it. Just buy bagels and you'll get stickers for every 10 bagel that you buy. The only Ts and Cs are that you won't get stickers for discounted bagels or special offers.

The other thing that I wanted to do was to give you a special offer on the 5 SEED bagels. So, if you were to buy 10 bagels you would get 2 stickers and you'd qualify for half price 5 Seed bagels. use coupon code: 5seed at the checkout.

As always please let me know of you have any questions of if something like the coupon isn't working.


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Free Deliveries?

Deliveries. I am so pleased that the majority of customers who buy from me expect to contribute towards the delivery. I know, who would have thought that a delivery cost anyone any money but it does. In order to deliver you need a delivery vehicle, in my case a van. The cost of the van is around £20,000. Then you also need someone to drive the van,...
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My Why!

So I had reached 54 years old and I figured that I'd never had a fresh bagel. How about that? I'd worked for an airline for many years and been passed many bagel bars and delis but never had a fresh bagel. 

I live in Pulborough West Sussex and although we have a few really good bread bakeries, none of them baked bagels. So now I was on a mission to find a fresh bagel or bake my own.

I found a small bar in Arundel which had bagels and I bought a couple. I really didn't like these. I found them very dry and extremely hard! I was told of another bagel shop in Brighton so off I went. These were better but I think that these bagels were steamed and not boiled as they are supposed to be. Finally I went to Brick Lane in London because these were the masters of bagel making.  Now this experience was a little like really wanting to meet someone special, someone that you'd always wanted to meet and when you met them you were disappointed. This was what going to Brick Lane was like. These bagels were OK but much smaller than the rest of the bagels that I had come across. They were also a little tougher and made any filling look large. At one point I remember a friend saying "Too much filling and not enough bagel" and this was because the bagels were small.When I thought about the places that I had visited and the bagels that I paid for, I realised that I hadn't really liked any of the bagels and set off to bake my own.

I decided that my approach to bagels was going to be different.  Many catering establishments look to reduce their costs and increase profits and generally this is done by buying at a low price and selling small portions at a much higher cost. Just look at the humble cappuccino that you buy in a coffee shop. Today the cappuccino comes in cups that are very small and still cost £2.70! But the actual cost to the seller is around 40p!

I thought that my approach to my bagels business was going to be that I would respect my food and my customer. I would be honoured to bake organic food that some people would appreciate. Note that I only wanted some people and not everyone. The people that i like baking for are people who know the value in having food made for them. So lets get this right, I bake for people who ask me to bake for them, I do not just bake bagels in the hope of shifting them :-)

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Jacob's Rewards Programme

Jacob's Rewards are for people who love Jacob's Bagels and may want to order regularly. That said if you signup you also (sometimes) get discounts.

But what is it all about and how does it work? 

OK, that seems like a fair question. It is really very simple. You get a card from the delivery driver or drop us an email and we'll drop one off with your first order. You earn 1 bagel sticker for every box of 10 bagels that you buy. When you have 10 bagel stickers you can claim your free box of bagels.  

** You are a member from the moment that you ask for a card. We cannot give you stickers for past orders so get it quick :-)

That is the easy bit.

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Everything Bagels

This is the everything bagel.

It’s called the everything bagel because it has pretty much everything in it such as white sesame seeds, Black Sesame Seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, salt and onion. Really good with a slice of Smoked Salmon

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The humble plain bagel

This is the plain bagel made with organic flour, salt, yeast,  malt  extract and water.

This humble bagel is under estimated because it’s so versatile in what you can do with it.

Could for example add some cream and some strawberries and make it a very sweet bagel or you could add some meat  and cream cheese to make it a savoury bagel.

I prefer my bagels fresh and I eat my bagels within 8 to 10 hours of baking but a lot of people tend to leave the bagels for the following morning and toast and that is because they like the bagel to take in the air around and possibly make it a little firmer.

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The Cheese and onion bagel

This is the cheese and onion bagel. it’s made with organic flour cheddar cheese and red Leicester.

Each box of cheese and onion bagels has on average 1 kg of cheese which is a lot of cheese!

Away to enjoy this bagel is either on its own or with a feeling such as salt beef or pastrami. I have even tried filling it with smoked salmon which was absolutely amazing. 

Most bagel shops will make a bagel and then add cheese on top of it before baking we don’t do that, what we do is that we add cheese and onion to the dough and then add a further 100 grams of cheese on top which gives it a crunchy savoury taste.

By far this is our flagship product. This monstater comes in at 230 grams. 

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The Plain Bagel

Every Bagel Flagship has a humble beginning and this is how they all start. 

This is our plain bagel made with Organic Strong White Flour, Salt, Matl Extract, Yeast and a tinge of syrup or honey

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The "thing" about bagels.

 I love my bagels not only because I bake them but because I see so many faces light up when I deliver. Honestly, some people come to the door not having a great day, see the bagels and a big smile comes across their faces, it is an amazing feeling.

I thought that I would tell you how I bake my bagels. It is fair to say that baking bagels isn't difficult but nor is being a mechanic, a plumber or any other profession, you have just got to have an interest in what you want to do. For me it is making people happy.

If you are thinking of baking bagels at home then this is for you. 

So the first thing that you need to do is get yourself some flour. Ideally bread flour and if you want it to be anything like mine make sure that you use organic flour. Then you need to mix the flour with some water, salt, yeast and a sweetener. The sweetener can be sugar but I use Malt Extract. Mix the lots together and let it proof for about 30 minutes or until it has doubled in size.If you have the space and want denser bagels what you could do is not use any yeast but let the bagel proof overnight in a cold place like a fridge. This way the bagels a denser.Now depending on how much flour you have used it is now time to portion out the dough to shape your bagels. I like consistency so I weigh my portions into either 125 or 130 gram portions.There are many ways to shape a bagel. Some people like to rip some dough off and wrap it around their hand. Some people like to roll out the dough and then roll it into a tube and wrap that around their hand. There are several ways to shape a bagel, me, I prefer to make a dough ball and then make a hole in the middle and stretch it out into a bagel shape.Now that you have bagel shaped dough it is time to boil the bagel. I know, who knew that you had to boil bagels? Well to be honest everyone and anyone who knows anything about bagels knows that a bagel needs to be boiled. The boiling process kills the yeast and adds a chewy texture. If you boil the bagels for too long you can kill all of the yeast. I boil my bagels for 2 minutes which isn't long enough to kill all off all of the yeast so when the bagel goes in the oven they will rise a little more.Then just bake at 200 degrease centigrade for about 20 minutes and you will have some amazing bagels.



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Bagels for Diabetics

OK so it isn't bad enough that we have diabetes but not to have bagels as well?Well guess what, if you're a diabetic and purchase some of my bagels make sure that you let me know and instead of using regular sugar I will use Xylitol Natural Sweetener instead of sugar.

Xylitol is an excellent substitute with many advantages over table sugar and other typical artificial sweeteners. Firstly, regular sugar has a Glycemic Index (GI) of 100.  Xylitol has a GI of 7, letting your body burn off the excess almost twice as fast as table sugar. Xylitol has all the sweetness of common sugars yet 40 percent fewer calories and 75 percent less available carbohydrates.Xylitol is proven to fight cavities, safe for diabetics, 99 percent natural, excellent in weight management, with a low GI and replete with a range of other health benefits. Also proven to benefit dental health. Xylitol is an ideal alternative for anyone who prefers a healthier life style. This product is not suitable for pets.Ingredients100% Pure Xylitol Derived From Birch Tree.If you would like to find out more just ask
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