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The Jacob's Bagels Story

This is our why. Why we do what we do. How we come about. Follow our journey and be part of our story.

A Jacob's Bagels food experience

What does it mean to have one of my bagels?Well, imagine waking up in the morning and going into your kitchen and asking "Chef, can I have some fresh bagels?" Chef answers "sure, what flavour would you like?" You shout out "oh maybe 5 Cheese and Onion and 5 Sun Dried Tomato and Olives" Chef then goes "no problem, where will you be?" You say "I'll be at the office, can you deliver them to me there?" and chef replies "sure, I'll have them there by about 12, so ready for lunchtime"

At 12, Chef turns up at your office with a box of 10 delicious mouthwatering well presented bagels. You have a couple and share the rest with your friends..or maybe you keep yourself :-)Baking a batch of bagels takes 2 hours from scratch to packaging. Everything from the type of flour to the weight to the amount of added ingredients is carefully thought over. Care is taken when mixing the dough and added ingredients such as Sun Dried Tomatoes, Cheese and Onion for example are hand kneaded into the dough.Then, each dough is cut into a specific size and hand rolled into a ball. The dough ball is left to rest for 3-4 minutes before being hand shaped into a bagel. The shaped bagel is now placed on a tray ready to be boiled for a couple of minutes before being carefully transferred to the dresser to be dressed with more ingredients such as tomatoes or chocolate chips. Once dressed the bagels are ready to be baked for 20 minutes.Now, once baked each bagel is removed off of the baking tray and left to cool before being placed in an eco friendly biodegradable presentation box and delivered to your door.My bagels are more of a food experience and not everyone wants a food experience. Some people just want a bagel and that is OK too.It has taken me 54 years to get this good at baking bagels. Of course if the baking was all that I had to do then anyone could it but there is so much more to consider other than just baking.I am always grateful to the people who take the time to give me feedback on my products.So look, if all you want is a bagel then there are many places that you can go and try a bagel. Tesco do a great range of bagels. If on the other hand you want your own chef to bake you your own bagels then you've come to the right place


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