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The Jacob's Bagels Story

This is our why. Why we do what we do. How we come about. Follow our journey and be part of our story.

What's new in 2021!

This COVID has us in lockdown but hopefully with this new vaccine we can all get back to some normality sometime soon.

One of the challenges that a small business has is to come up with ways to market their products. With bagels it isn't that hard, I just need to make the time but another way to make things more interesting is to add to your products. This year I have added bagel bread to the website. These are really good value for money because each loaf it the equivalent of 6 bagels

When I consider a new product I have to look at the baking time and the ingredients. If the ingredients and the baking time takes us away from what we are already baking then that will impact on our production of what we are already baking, so whatever I decide to add to our menu needs to work around what we are already making and baking.

Our bagels breads or loaves come in a variety of flavours but nothing that will move us away from what we are already baking. So we have a cheese and jalapeño loaf, cheese and onion, an everything loaf, a 5 seed and date loaf and I am about to add a sesame seed loaf!

Now some of you may be thinking "well it's bread init?" but it isn't just bread. The ingredients that I use is exactly the same as that of baking bagels and the loaves get boiled before baking them. A loaf of bread uses different ingredients and certainly does not get boiled.

Later this year I will introduce Brolls (bagel rolls) and a variety of cream cheese spreads which I am very excited about.


Cheese and onion bagel bread

Well, we are hiring!
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