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Jacob's Bagels is an up and coming brand, just read our reviews and see what people are saying about our bagels 

We are always looking for people who can help us grow and one way is to work with restaurants, cafes and shops who want to either stock our bagels or use them for themselves.

There are a couple of routes that you can take in order to sell our bagels.

If you have cafe or restaurant and want to use our bagels please visit our partners website here: Be sure to register as a business and you will be able to login and see our prices.

If you have a shop and want to sell our bagels then please read this: In under a year I have baked over 10,000 bagels and they have all been sold. I have some sellers who sell about 100 bagels per week while others struggle to sell 10 so I have come up with a sure way that will increase your bagels sales from day one. If you would like to know more please Click






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